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Alternate Investment Funds

In a highly-challenging environment comprising regulatory pressure, opportunities and threats resulting from new disruptive technologies, negative interest and aggressive fee competition, selecting the right partner for your development is crucial.

SGSS’ services are designed to keep you focused on investment decisions and client management, helping you to be compliant with your regulatory framework, to get the best access to investors, out-sourcing non-core functions, providing risk reporting and analytics to steer your business

With a broad array of solutions that span investment strategies, fund structures and asset types, you’ll benefit from the expertise we’ve gained in supporting asset managers for more than fifty years.

Benefit from the possibility of outsourcing systems and data management for investment operations and risks, from front office to back office, for all contracts and asset classes.

You can focus on adapting to client needs with SGSS providing the appropriate regulatory, tax or risk reports and on managing client relations, with SGSS administrating distributors and direct investors.

Whet her you are managing funds in major European markets or in cross-border markets, in Central and Eastern Europe (or in Africa), SGSS’ regulatory intelligence and expertise can assist you.

Strengthen the power of your Societe Generale relationship by combining post-trade solutions with pre-trade solutions and dealing services: you’ll benefit from additional flexibility and enhanced efficiency in managing your investments and operations.

Fund structures Click to Know More

Fund structures

  • Multi-class
  • Multi-manager
  • Multi-currency
  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
Asset class coverage Click to Know More

Asset class coverage

  • Shares, rights and warrants
  • Coupon bonds
  • Discounted securities
  • Inflation protection bonds
  • Variable rate securities
  • Securities with cap / floor
  • Structured securities
  • Floating rate securities
  • Short positions
  • Options & futures
  • IRS/ ICS
  • Forward FX/ Swap contracts
  • Credit default swap
  • Mutual fund units
Accounting Click to Know More


  • Investor level accounting
  • Multiple accounting methods supported simultaneously
  • Weighted Average
  • FIFO
  • Multiple book cost for single holding
  • High water mark and performance fees
Reports & Analytics Click to Know More

Reports & Analytics

  • Regulatory reports
  • Capital Gain report/form 64-C
  • Customised client specific reports
  • Performance measurement
  • Performance attribution
  • Risk measurement
Reconciliations Click to Know More


  • Portfolio
  • Bank
  • Unit transaction
  • Derivatives margin
Ancillary Click to Know More


  • Draw-down notice
  • Investor reporting and statements
  • Statutory liability payments
Audit Support Click to Know More

Audit Support

  • Preparation of annual accounts incl. schedules and notes to accounts
  • Independent audit coordination
Custody Corporate Actions & Income Processing Click to Know More

Custody Corporate Actions & Income Processing

Income and Corporate Action Events

  • Announcements Pre-Notification and Notification
  • Entitlements Management
  • Receivables & Receipts Management, Reconciliation & Processing
  • Corporate Actions Instructions Processing
  • Corporate Actions Instructions Status Reporting
  • Exchange, Regulatory & Client Reporting

Company Meetings – Proxy & E-Voting Services

  • Notifications
  • Instruction Processing
  • Meeting Reporting – Proxy Participation
  • Instructions Status Confirmation – E-Voting
Derivatives Clearing Service Click to Know More

Derivatives Clearing Service

  • Exchange Traded Derivatives (Stock, Index Futures & Options, Currency & Interest Rate Futures) Clearing Services & Cash Custodian
  • Collateral & Margin Management
  • Position Monitoring
  • Margin and Mark to Market Settlement
  • Exchange, Regulatory & Client Reporting
Custody Clearing & Settlement Click to Know More

Custody Clearing & Settlement

Post Execution Trade Settlement flow Management

  • Pre-Matching
  • Repair Management & Cancellations
  • Exchange Confirmations
  • FX & Cash Management
  • Cash & Securities Pay-In & Pay-out Settlement
  • Shortage, Buy-in & Closeout Processing
  • Reconciliations – Securities, Cash
  • Exchange, Regulatory & Client Reporting
  • Assets Safekeeping (including physical securities)
    Flexible SBI-SG books and CSD level securities account management / asset segregation