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:: SBI SG ::
Welcome to SBI-SG Global Securities Services Pvt. Ltd.

Solutions we provide


India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has emerged as a key destination for foreign investors in recent years in 2014, the local securities market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has amended the entry requirements for foreign investors looking to invest in India's securities markets and has introduced a risk based approach for market entry. Foreign investors intending to invest in the equity or debt markets are required to register themselves as Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI) depending on their risk profile. Strategic Investors opt for Private Equity or the Foreign Direct Investment routes.

Under the FPI regime, SEBI has harmonized foreign institutional investors (FIIs), sub-accounts and qualified foreign investors (QFIs) regimes into a single investor class of foreign portfolio investors FPI and provide a single window clearance through designated depository participants DDPs.
Features of SBI-SG's Custody and Clearing Services offering;

  • Post Execution Trade Settlement flow Management – Matching, Confirmations, Repair management & Cancellations
  • Reconciliations – securities, cash
  • Exchange, Regulatory reporting
  • Safekeeping of assets (including physical securities)
  • Cash management and foreign exchange
  • Exchange traded derivatives (Stock, Index Futures & Options, Currency & Interest Rate Futures) Clearing Services & Cash Custodian
  • Derivatives - Collateral & Margin Management, Position Monitoring, Margin and Mark to Market settlement. Regulatory & Exchange reporting
  • Flexible SBI-SG books and CSD level securities account management / asset segregation
  • Income and corporate action event: pre-notification and notification, instruction processing, receivables management and reporting
  • Company meeting notifications, e-voting and proxy voting services
  • Agility and capacity to produce customized reporting – including transaction reporting, Management Information System (MIS) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Timely and accurate delivery of market news, knowledge and insight via our on-line services and email communication
  • Wide range of asset class coverage for clearing and settlements – Equity, Debt, ETFs, Mutual Fund units, Fixed Deposits, Derivatives (stock, index, currency, interest rate futures), Government/Sovereign Securities, International Securities settlement
  • Provide a strong understanding of local markets with the integration of SBI-SG within the local facility of SBI & SGSS enabling clients to leverage the local support functions and infrastructure and gaining access to the market authorities as a “local” custody provider.
Custody Clearing & Settlement Click to Know More

Custody Clearing & Settlement

Post Execution Trade Settlement flow Management

  • Pre-Matching
  • Repair Management & Cancellations
  • Exchange Confirmations
  • FX & Cash Management
  • Cash & Securities Pay-In & Pay-out Settlement
  • Shortage, Buy-in & Closeout Processing
  • Reconciliations – Securities, Cash
  • Exchange, Regulatory & Client Reporting
  • Assets Safekeeping (including physical securities)
    Flexible SBI-SG books and CSD level securities account management / asset segregation
Custody Corporate Actions & Income Processing Click to Know More

Custody Corporate Actions & Income Processing

Income and Corporate Action Events

  • Announcements Pre-Notification and Notification
  • Entitlements Management
  • Receivables & Receipts Management, Reconciliation & Processing
  • Corporate Actions Instructions Processing
  • Corporate Actions Instructions Status Reporting
  • Exchange, Regulatory & Client Reporting

Company Meetings – Proxy & E-Voting Services

  • Notifications
  • Instruction Processing
  • Meeting Reporting – Proxy Participation
  • Instructions Status Confirmation – E-Voting
Derivatives Clearing Service Click to Know More

Derivatives Clearing Service

  • Exchange Traded Derivatives (Stock, Index Futures & Options, Currency & Interest Rate Futures) Clearing Services & Cash Custodian
  • Collateral & Margin Management
  • Position Monitoring
  • Margin and Mark to Market Settlement
  • Exchange, Regulatory & Client Reporting
DDP Click to Know More


  • Approved Intermediary to grant registrations to FPI to enable them invest in India.
  • Help in carry out other allied activities in compliance with FPI regulations
Accounting & Valuation of Portfolio Click to Know More

Accounting & Valuation of Portfolio

  • Valuation of portfolio
  • Accounting of local fund & offshore pooled fund
  • Multi currency reporting